Hyperthyroidism (Thyroid)

In this disease secretion of thyroxine in the body of the person is much greater than the requirement of the body. Vibration, irritability, panic and similar symptoms are seen in the person's body. Frequent diarrhea,excess of heat,irregularity in menstrual periods etc.When such people often come out,they find themselves in a strange situation where they want to talk but feel powerless themselves. They are mostly irritated and the little thing becomes very aggressive. It is found more in the persons of 30 to 40 years of age.This Disease is found in most women.
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Controlling the activity of metabolism is the function of thyroid gland and able to convert food into energy.After dividing them into small residues, reconstructing them is also balanced by the hormone secreted by this gland. The process by which the structured elements are formed in the body is called anabolism whereas the disintegrating process is called catbalism.The function of the thyroid gland is most important. It is present in the front of the throat and it releases the important hormone called thyroxine.

Foods to avoid in thyroid (Hyperthyroidism)

  • People with hyperthyroidism should not eat sugarcane, dextrose,high fructose corn syrup etc.The calorie and sugar present in them may increase blood sugar levels. High blood pressure, hyper thyroid can cause problems.Avoid soft drinks, pan cakes, jam jelly, cookies, cakes, pastries, candies etc.
  • Thyroid gland is affected by salt,which is why people with hyper-thyroid should avoid excessive salt intake.
  • If you are already suffering from hyper-thyroidism disease then you should not consume coffee,sugar and other stimulants.
  • Red meat has high cholesterol and saturated fat,so it should not be consumed in hyper-thyroidism.
  • Some people have problems with lactose tolerance and digesting products such as milk and other dairy products. If you have indigestion, swelling problem from milk products such as butter, ice cream, curd etc avoid them. Those hyper-thyroidizers should also avoid them.
Foods to eat for reduce Hyperthyroidism
  • Fenugreek - Gives us many types of health benefits in many disease.Fenugreek is also a good diet for thyroid disease. Antioxidants are present in fenugreek, which helps in the control of thyroid hormone.
  • Nuts - Patients of Thyroid should specifically include nuts in their diet.It reduce the risk of heart attack from thyroid. Almonds and walnuts are a good diet for this disease.
  • Eggs - People who are suffering from thyroid disease should be included eggs in diet.
  • Berries - Contain antioxidants which improve your immune system and relief in thyroid.
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