Kadi Patta Remedy(Curry Leaf) For Improve Hairs Growth

Kadi Patta which we know in English as Curry Leaf,we also use it in the food,curry in cooking.There are many such properties that are considered very good for health.But today we are going to talk about how kadi patta is very beneficial for our hairs.Curry leaves contain very high amounts of protein and beta carotene which help prevent hair from getting damaged and prevent hair from being diluted. It provides new life to hairs.Kadi patta will find anywhere around your house in any garden. If you want,you can plant its tree in the house too. Kadi patta leaves increase hair growth by strengthening hair roots.So let's tell you a very simple kadi patta remedy that will give your hairs a new life.

Kadi Patta Remedy(Curry Leaf) For Improve Hairs Growth,kadi patta for healthy hairs

1 - According to your need hair length take the leaves of kadi patta and wash them well.

natural remedy for healthy hairs,kadi patta remedy for long hair

2 - Now remove all these leaves of curry leaves in this imam dasta.

curry leaves for strong hairs

3 - Mashed all leaves properly.

how stop hair fall,kadi patta for long hairs,kadi patta remedy for improve hairs growth

4 - When all the leaves get well mashed then add some water to it. Now the paste will be ready, apply this paste in the roots of the hair and shampoo after 30 minutes. This will increase the growth of your hair and strengthen the roots.

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