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Can a vegetarian person make good muscular body

Yes,why not?A vegetarian person can also make a good muscular body,if needed the perfect knowledge of proper diet as well as a good training,if you have both of these things then you can not stop by anybody from making a good muscular body.Many people think that if nonveg will not take in diet such as chicken,read meat,fish,eggs then a good body can not be made.Yes there is no doubt that some nonveg foods have very high quantities of protein,fibers which play a very important part in creating a muscular body, but it is not true to eat the only nonveg food to make the good muscular body.You will also get many options in Veg Foods from which you can take high protein,fibers and other essential minerals.Just focus on your whole workout and proper diet at the right time,it does not matter whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.Our body does not matter whether you are eating veg or non-veg.Our body only knows that how much protein,mineral and vitamins you are giving to it,which you can take from both veg or non-veg diet choice is yours.You won't believe there are many well-known bodybuilders who are totally pure vegetarian and they have made a big names in the world of bodybuilding. for example:

Can a vegetarian person make good muscular body,veg bodybuilders,Varinder Singh Ghuman veg bodybuilder

Indian pro-bodybuilder Varinder Singh Ghuman

veg bodybuilding


bodybuilding with veg diet,veg diet for bodybuilders

Hira Lal Pro Bodybuilder

veg foods with high protein,high protein veg foods


These are well-known names that everybody knows today.These people follow pure veg diet and he did not make a good body only but feel proud himself and his country's name in the world.

Some things you need to keep in mind:

Proper diet plan - Create a proper diet chart.If you are a vegetarian then talk to your coach or dietitian and prepare a good diet chart where you get all the necessary ingredients that are essential for building a good body like protein,minerals,vitamins,healthy fat etc.It is not possible to make a nice body without good diet.

Vegetarian foods for build muscles - You will also find many options in the veg which contain good amounts of protein, minerals, vitamins and are effective in build muscular body.
  • Green beans - Easily available and cheap,the beans contain elements that strengthen our body and build the body such as vitaminA,C,K,copper,potassium,manganese,zinc,antioxidants etc.Not only this Naturally Testosterone levels also increase which are male hormone and play an important role in building muscles.
  • Soyabean - It contains good protein content,you can consume soaked soyabean pulses.Many studies have found that soybean is not good especially for mens because soybeans contain some amount of estrogen,which is female hormone.Therefore take its limited amount.
  • Broccoli - In this you will get a good amount of protein. In 100 grams of broccoli you will get 2 to 3 grams of proteins as well as other essential ingredients such as vitamin A,D,B12,C,iron, dietary fibers,calcium etc.Most of the bodybuilders have this favorite food.
  • Nuts - Such as groundnuts,almonds,cashews,walnut,pistachios etc.In these you will get good natural protein as well as other healthy elements.
  • Black Chickpeas (Kale Chane) - You will get about 15 grams of protein in one cup of black chickpeas.You can eat them by boiling or soaking.
  • Ezekiel Bread - These breads are made from sprouts,whole grains,seeds etc.In this you will get 15 to 18 types of amino acids and protein too.
  • Green Vegetables - Eat much green vegetables as possible.You will get all the necessary elements from them.
Veg supplements - If you are a pure vegetarian then veg supplements are available for you.You can purchase these from a genuine supplement shop or dealer.You will get a lot of options like whey protein powder,soy protein powder,mixed protein powder,hemp protein powder etc.You can buy your taste and need accordingly.

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