Is Obesity Responsible For Diabetes

There is no doubt that due to a considerable increase in obesity is giving rise to diabetes.Nowadays, the lazy lifestyles give birth to the obesity as well as invite illness like diabetes.Today the vast population of the world suffers from obesity,which not only causes diabetes but also causes many other diseases like heart attack,joints problems.It is not necessary that those diabetics will be those who are in heredity, if any person is follow unhealthy lifestyle then they may also be in the grip of diabetes.So it is very important that all of us follow a healthy lifestyle,eat well and workout every day.
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How obesity leads to diabetes?
Due to obesity, the risk of developing diabetes increases.Increasing obesity means that there is excessive fat in the body,which means natural production of insulin in our body is effected and our bodies can not even use insulin properly.With the rise of obesity the resistance of the insulin starts increasing in the body, thereby causing considerable harm to the activity of the insulin. Therefore it is very important that we control our growing body weight so that the body can control the growing resistance of insulin and reduce the chances of diabetes.
Many people get this thinking,if they are young how diabetes can happen,then do not make the mistake of thinking about how diabetes can happen.Any person who is overweight of any age,living an unhealthy lifestyle can be easily gripped by diabetes.
Is Obesity Responsible For Diabetes

Diet for lose weight and control diabetes:

  • Eat small meals - It is wrong in many people's habit to eat a lot of food at once.This will increase the diabetes along with body weight as well.So always take small meals in diffrent shifts,big meals make your sugar level up but small meals keep your gulcose levels low and they also decrease body weight.
  • Consume more fibers - Eat foods naturally loaded with fibers.Fiber lower blood sugar and good for weight loss.
  • Never skip breakfast - In the hurry it is very wrong to skip breakfast even if the person is not diabetic.To leave breakfast for type 2 diabetic,it is absolutely not right,take the healthy light breakfast.If you do not take your breakfast then your blood sugar level will increase and there may be more problems such as gain weight, gas problem, acidity, weakness etc.
  • Take low-calorie food - Eat food with low calories like green vegetables,citrus fruits,oats etc.
  • Avoid heavy dinner - Do not take heavy dinners who have diabetes and overweight problem.Always take dinner between 8 and 9 o'clock and take a 15 to 20 minute walk.With this your blood sugar level will be reduced and weight will also be in control.
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