Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Aesthetic Breast Surgery For Breast Reconstruction:

Aesthetic breast surgery is a medical operation to change the appearance of the breast in proportion to the body. Women opt the aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery to rebuild the shape and volume of their breast. The surgeon utilizes prosthetic material or autologous tissue (a flap of tissue from another part of the body) and creates a new natural-looking breast mound. It often involves the reformation of nipple and areola. Models,film stars and women have breast cancer go for the aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery in most cases.
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It carries several options to choose from for the breast reconstruction. All the types of the aesthetic surgery bring its benefits. According to your requirements, doctors give you advice which one is best suited for you.

1. Autologous reconstruction: Majority of the women go for this method, and it became top popularity nowadays. It grabs muscles, fat or skin from another part (abdomen, back, hips or inner thighs) of your body and then forms a breast shape. It delivers you most natural results than other breast reconstruction methods.

2. Implant reconstruction: It is one of the most simple breast surgery. In this method, saline (salt water), silicone gel or sometimes a combination of both are filled under the pectoral breast muscles. Saline is loaded on the inside chamber and silicone gel in the outside one. It is basically to tighten your breast. But, this procedure does not last for longer and can require another surgery in the future.

3. Post-radiotherapy restoration: Sometimes people face an indentation in their breast after radiation therapy. In such a case, they need to supplement their breast with a small tissue, perform a fat graft, or rearrange their breast tissue. This process of aesthetic breast surgery restores the symmetry of both breasts and the original look of your breast.

4. Immediate lumpectomy reconstruction: This method of aesthetic breast surgery apply a class of techniques. It maintains the proportion of your one or both breasts in a single day in the same manner as lumpectomy. Women prefer this type of surgery when dissimilarity takes place because of lumpectomy procedure.

5. Nipple-sparing mastectomy: NSM is recommended to those are undergoing removal of your breast due to the risk reduction surgery or breast cancer. It is utilized when the breast cuts down entirely. Then this method impairs the areola, nipple, and breast skin as well and offers you a wholly natural look breast.

Recovery time after aesthetic breast surgery:

After the breast surgery, most of the women can do some regular activities after six to eight weeks. Only the autologous reconstruction takes a longer duration to recover entirely. Otherwise, you can improve within a short interval of time with other breast reconstruction that is less invasive without flaps surgical method. Alternatively, aesthetic breast surgery does not allow you to feel healthy as the natural breast. But some feelings can be back over a period of years.

Risks associated with breast reconstruction: Though changing appearance of your body parts has become a trend nowadays, it is not an easy task to go under the knife. Therefore, the very first thing before having surgery is aware of the aesthetic breast surgery side effects. Here are some common risks associated with the breast reconstruction.

• Organ damage • Cost • General appearance dissatisfaction • Scarring • Emotional effects • Deep pulmonary embolism and vein thrombosis • Infection • Nerve damage • Hematoma • Blood loss • Seroma • Anesthesia complications

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