Cupping Therapy

What is cupping therapy?

In cupping therapy,a burning candle in a glass cup is put on the body.Candle is burning in a glass cup when it is kept upside down on the body and the candle is extinguished due to lack of oxygen and the vacuum starts to form,which causes heavy pressure inside the cup and the skin starts to stretch and the skin sticks in a glass cup.This loose body tissues which immediate comfort patient and reduce pain.Cupping therapy pain erase the healing process which used from many years especially in cheen.
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There are two types of cupping therapy,dry cuping and wet cuping.Wet therapy is more prevalent in this.Generally wet cupping therapy is based on therapeutic and dry cupping therapy works on therapeutic and comforting method.With the help of cupping therapy many health problems can be solved.It is not only a traditional Chinese medicine system but it is used in ancient Egypt, North American Indians, Greeks and other Asian and European countries.
benefits of cupping therapy,process of cupping therapy,diffrence bitween wet and dry cupping therapy

Benefits of cupping therapy:

  • Blood circulation is increased to the affected area so that new blood vessels can be formed. This is the reason that athletes nowadays use this therapy more.
  • One of the main reasons for the use of cupping therapy is that it relaxes with pain.This therapy targets soft tissue and puts pressure on the place of swelling and pain.It increases blood circulation.It relaxes the tissue deep into the body.
  • The pressure from muscles with the cuping therapy goes away.Which has a very good effect on your health.
  • Cupping stimulates lungs and other vital organs so that mucus can get out.
  • It also works to clean waste material in dead cells.All these elements are naturally excluded.
  • Cupping gives comfort in many skin problems such as eczema and acne,reduces the effects of herpes,decreases skin inflammation and reduces cellulite.
  • The use of cupping is done to reduce the effects of anti-aging such as wrinkles.It gives more nutrition to the skin so that the skin looks young.Lifting lotion used with suction reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
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