Do Not Ignore These Signals Of The Body

Many times the smallest disease is also become big and we are not able to know.Sometimes our body tries to tell us but we do not pay attention or ignore it.In some cases it is important for our health that we understand these gestures of the body and treat them as soon as possible.Many times when we wake up in the morning,instead of feeling refreshed in our body,there is heavyness in the body, trouble breathing,getting tired,feeling stiffness in the hand,feet,joints etc,which we do not even notice and in the future take the form of big trouble.Let's know about some gestures that give us our body and we can not understand:

back pain in the morning time,body signals for health alert,health alert signals of the body

Pain in the back - Sometimes there is a lot of pain in the back but if you are suffering from this problem for a long time,you should immediately consult with the doctor.In most of the people today you will get a complaint of back pain,there are many reasons for this like working in the standing position for long time,sitting or sleeping in wrong posture,carrying heavy things wrongly,bad diets can also lead the pain in the waist.So if something is happening with you then pay attention.

forgetting things,forgetting things again and again,alzheimers,dementia

Forgetting things - Forgetting repeatedly,like talking to someone and forgetting what was talking, forgetting things,what did you eat yesterday,if you have been notice these symptoms form long time tell the doctor immediately.It is not a good thing to be,this disease is called Alzheimers,Dementia. Most of these diseases are found in older people in which the person starts losing consciousness gradually.

feeling pain in the feets and hand

Feeling pain in feets and hand - Usually people are complaining of pain in their hands and feet, mostly in women.There can be many reasons behind this but the main cause is calcium deficiency in the body and in women calcium deficiency is started after 30 years.So take care especially women, take full care of their calcium diet. And even if you have pain in your hands, then consult the doctor.

feeling heart burn,heart burn,feeling burning in the heart

Heart burn - Feeling of irritation in the chest,usually after eating meals at night,eating very spicy food or lying down immediately after eating food.But if you are feeling this for a long time or everyday then do not think immediately Tell the doctor about your problem.

headache in the morning time,head pain every morning

Headache - With every rise in the morning there is a pain in the head or heaviness in the head.Most people think that they do not sleep properly in the night so there is a pain in the head,yes it can be exactly like this but if you have this problem everyday It is a matter of concern.It has been seen that due to weakness of the eyes,there is a problem of pain in the head or the problem of migraine may also occur.In this case, meet the doctor once and get the right advice.

body cramps,cramps in the body,cramps in the fingers

Cramp - Having cramp in the body,such as in the hands or fingers of the feet.It is seen that due to lack of calcium or due to bad diet this happens.But if you have this problem every day or every two days then meet doctor.

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