Prostate Enlargement

Enlarged Prostate Disease:

The prostate is a small gland in the pelvis. Sometimes the cells of the prostate slowly become multiple that cause prostate enlargement. The enlarged prostate profoundly traps men above the age factor of 50 years. This abnormality is also called
BPH or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. It is not a severe health problem, but often it asks for treatment. If the men are suffering from the critical symptoms or the condition is worsening,So do not delay and meet doctor before probleme become more serious.
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Cause of enlarged prostates:

It is difficult to explain the exact factors that are responsible for the enlargement prostate. But, this problem is associated with the activity of the hormones. When a man gets older, the balance of hormones changes in his body that leads his prostate gland to be enlarged. Therefore, you are more likely to have BPH as you get older and especially if you are above 50 years.

Symptoms of the enlarged prostate:

BPH is not a big concern at all. But, you feel uncomfortable or misery sometimes. It pressurizes your urethra and bladder that affects how you pee. You may face the problems such as-
•    Difficulty in starting to pee
•    Feel to urinate again just after finishing
•    Regular dribbling of urine
•    Straining to urinate
•    Disturbed or weak stream of urine
•    Difficulty fully drainage your bladder
•    Getting up to urinate again and again at night
•    Urgency to urinate
•    Frequent need to pee all the time
Such symptoms can cause other hazardous condition. If your bladder does not get empty entirely, it can make you face the inability to urinate, incontinence, blood in urine, bladder stones or your kidney can be damaged. Thus, in such a case, the very first thing you have to do is to consult the doctor as soon as possible and roots out this miserable condition.

How to cure enlarged prostate:

Most of the time, surgery is recommended to those have such a troublesome. But besides the medical care, you can try to treat BPH symptoms at home.
•    Go for aerobic and resistance exercises
•    You can try Kegel or pelvic-strengthening exercise
•    Reduce your weight
•    Drink plenty of water
•    Have a contrast sitz bath
•    Soak the affected region in the apple cider vinegar
•    Choose plant products instead of animals product
These are some tips that can help you to desolate the discomfort of BPH. It prevents the risk of the condition to be more dangerous. Further, its valuable benefits cure you enlarged prostate at home.
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Diet for the enlarged prostate:

Diet plays a significant role in while having enlarged prostate. Hence, it is the must to cure such problems. You have to consume foods that can treat your BPH symptoms efficaciously.
•    Basil juice
•    Have liquid extract or tea of saw palmetto
•    Carrot juice
•    Green tea
•    Tomato juice
•    Herbal tea
•    Mushrooms
•    Whole grain supplements (cereals, pasta, bread, etc.)
•    Brazil nuts
•    Pecans, walnuts, and almonds
•    Choose foods low in sodium
•    Opt healthful fats
Moreover, a balance and right diet hands in your healthy prostate. Most of the foods category makes you to pee frequently. You should avoid such foods that affect your prostate health.
•    Avoid processed meat (hot dogs, bologna, etc.) and red meat (goat, lamb, pork, beef, etc.)
•    Say no to sugar-sweetened foods and drink
•    Cut down your salt intake
•    Do not consume alcohol
•    Avoid caffeine
•    Ignore spicy foods
•    Do not eat dairy products, eggs, and poultry

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