Diseases Have No Early Symptoms

Silent killer diseases with no signs of early symptoms or very late symptoms!

Today we are going to mention some of the diseases whose symptoms are initially non-existent or until the disease is detected, it is too late.Many times people are caught in the grip of such diseases, which have no such treatment they can be eliminated from the root.Only the medicines continue to move,to increase the time.Today's life has become such that people do not realize that something is going wrong with their body, as the diseases have become habitual.So let's know about some such diseases that do not have any specific symptoms.
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Glaucoma - It is a disease in which the person's ability to see slowly disappears. Unfortunately, until the patient come to know, it is too late.So far,there is no such treatment for glaucoma in which it can be eliminated from the root. Only time of vision power is increase through use of medicines like eye drops for maintain the eye pressure.Glaucoma also has the option of surgery but it also depends on what stage you are on.

Lung Cancer - It is also a disease which take a patient on the advanced stage without any specific symptoms. If you have complaints of chest pain for a long time, have dry cough from long period or wheezing while breath, shortnesses in breathing then get to the doctor.

Diabetes - Today diabetes is a very common disease, every other person has a complaint of diabetes. And it is not only in older age peoples it is spreading very rapidly even among the youngsters.Diabetes symptoms are detected but most people only know when they on the borderline or cross the borderline of diabetes.So keep in mind that if you feel very thirsty, frequent urine, mouth dryness, continue tiredness, then it can be signs of diabetes.

Pancreatic Cancer - Victims of pancreatic cancer are more likely to have men than women. Due to the smoking of men, there is a greater danger of it. The risk of pancreatic cancer increases by two to three times in smokers. Those who eat red meat and fat diet are also susceptible to pancreatic cancer.The symptoms are hidden and are not easily seen.Yet some of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer are the following:

  • Loss of appetite and vomiting
  • In some cases it can also lead to jaundice
  • Urine become more dark brown
  • Abdomen belly pain
  • Weight loss
  • Enlargement of liver or gallbladder

Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Most people ignore snoring as a normal physiological function but it can be a sign of many serious diseases.Whenever you sleep in the disease, the air gets filled in the upper part of your nose and mouth, and due to this, some part of the nose gets full snuff and you start breathing with your mouth while due to the pressure of the air The nose starts to sound.Due to this disease Obstructive Sleep Apnea lungs have to work hard to get air out.This is a dangerous disease because it causes many times to stop breath.So if you are troubled by such a problem for a long time, then get to the doctor.

Chronic Kidney Disease - The symptom of this disease is less visible in the beginning stage,when the kidney worsens then the blood pressure of the person increases and that person gradually becomes weaker day by day.The number of kidney patients is increasing very fastly.

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