Do Not Take Low Sugar Level Lightly(Hypoglycemia)

What is hypoglycemia(Low blood sugar level)

You may have heard of high sugar, but do you know about low sugar,we also know it by the name of hypoglycemia.If sugar becomes too low,it can also be dangerous.Whenever you take a sugary meal, it begins to absorb blood glucose through digestive system and accumulates in extra in liver. But when the levels of blood sugar decrease due to stress or excess exercise, then the accumulated glucose in the liver starts to emerge.But if the procedure is not correct, blood sugar levels are reduced and this condition is called low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.Occasionally the level of blood sugar in the person suffering from diabetes decreases suddenly. At the same time, it is very necessary to bring the level of blood sugar to normal condition otherwise the condition of the patient becomes more serious.People with diabetes should always have 15 grams of carbohydrate substance with them like chocolate,candy and whenever your blood sugar levels become much lower then you can eat it so that your blood sugar level becomes normal again.
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Symptoms of hypoglycemia - Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar(Hypoglycemia) can vary from patients to patients in different types.They come in early and late signs. Early symptoms include appetite, perspiration, body vibration and anxiety etc. While there are weaknesses in late symptoms and stagnation in walking, less or blurred vision,sudden darkness in front of the eye, forgetting or confusion status,unconsciousness and epilepsy,which can be quite dangerous.Some people do not even see the initial signs of it.

Causes behind hypoglycemia - The main reason for low blood sugar level is eating less according to your diet or eating late,sometime more exercise,skip breakfast is the most common reason or unable to take food after taking insulin or medication.Apart from this taking excessive dose of medication or stress is also responsible for low blood sugar.

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How treat hypoglycemia - To control low blood sugar level,it is important to maintain balance between dietary,exercise and diabetes-resistant medicines. But if you do not get enough food, forgetting to do breakfast or unexpected exercise spoiling your balance can reduce blood sugar.So take your diet at right time and avoid heavy exercises.You should always have sweet things to eat, which you can use in an emergency if you have hypoglycemia.

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