8 Things That Affect Your Sperm Count

How some habits or things lower your sperm count?

There are some things that really affect your sperm.The lack of sperm is one of the most common reasons for male impotence,the sperm is fertilized with the egg and some time it may not produce that sperm because of many reasons.According to the World Health Organization,the normal number of sperms of a normal person 20 million sperm / ml semen (1,500,000 sperm / ml) per milliliter of semen in sperm count.Through this article,we will talk of some things and habits which have a negative effect on our sperm count.
habits that affect your sperm count,sperm count, Things That Affect Your Sperm Count

Excess level of stress - If you live in a lot of stress,then its effect your sperm count. More stress brings hormonal changes in your body, which affect your sperm production.

Taking steroids - If you are using steroids especially to build muscle,it also affects our natural testosterone production in the body.Today many supplements,pills,shots and gel are available in the market that will give your testosterone level a big boost but harm your sperm considerably.

Excess consumption of alcohol and smoking - Excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption worsens your health but there is also a bad effect on the sperm.

Less physical activity - Doing less physical activity or not doing any type of physical activity also influences our sperm.You can start any physical activity such as gym,yoga,outdoor games etc.By physically active your body's blood flow improves, testosterone levels increase naturally and produce healthy sperm in testicles.

Consumption of processed meat - Due to the high amount of processed foods there is an adverse effect on our sperm,as well as more health related problems.

Over heat and radiation - Too much heat and radiation also have a bad effect on our testicles and damage sperm.Many people keep cell phones in pant pocket or put laptop on the thighs for work which are wrong.Radiation from mobile phones and laptops release a lot of heat which harm your testicles and sperm.

Wearing tight pants or underwear - Wearing too much tight pants or underwear makes the heat around the testicles so that our testicles are not able to produce sperm properly.If possible wear some loose and comfortable pants and underwear so that your testicles are free and there is no heat.

Being overweight - Having too much weight affect the sperm count as well as helping give birth to obesity and many other diseases like kidney faliure,diabetes,renal problems etc.

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