Cardiac Arrest

What is cardiac arrest?

When Heart suddenly stops working,it is called a cardiac arrest.The heartbeat stops when it does not get oxygen i.e. the muscle does not get blood.Actually when the heart beats an electrical momentum that is triggers the power,with which the blood transmits in different organs of our body.At this stage,the heartbeats becomes irregular and heart does not know how to pump the blood properly. As a result, the important parts of the body,such as brain,lung etc stop working and person loss consciousness.At the time of the attack, the person has severe pain in the chest, the body starts to cramps, the person is sweating faster, chest burning or vomiting can occur.With the closure of the heart in the cardiac arrest,the blood circulation completely stop.But if the victim is given a CPR(Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) in a few minutes of being a cardiac arrest then its untimely death can be avoided and the likelihood of survival increases by 20 to 30 percent.

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Symptoms of cardiac arrest

Emergency treatment in cardiac arrest

Call an ambulance and provide CPR.People can be saved from the sudden cardiac arrest attack if the patient get treatment within a minute.First check the patient's beats.If the beating has stopped, then start CPR.Trying to regenerate the heart beats by pressing the chest in CPR and rapidly pausing and by artificial respiration.The CPR helps in the transmission of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart.

How to perform CPR

  • Keep the palm of one hand between the center of the chest and keep the second palm making the 90 degree angle above the first palm. Keep your hands straight and do not turn from the elbows.
  • Quickly press the chest at least 30 times and count.
  • Check the air route by bowing down the head and picking up the chin.
  • If patient do not breathe,give artificial respiration twice.
  • Provide medical assistance to patients as soon as possible Keep repeating it till medical aid is available.
According to health experts,a person dies every two minutes from the CA(Cardiac Arrest).Unfortunately, more than 60 percent of people are still unknown to this disease.

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