Foods For Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is a very important substance for our body,but it depends it remains in the right amount in your body.So maintain healthy level of cholesterol level in the body is very important.If the quantity of cholesterol in a person's body is excessively high,then it can increase the risk of diseases related to heart,obesity and brain and low increase the risk of depression,heart disease,stroke,cancer etc,so we should take great care of our eating habits and take such foods that control our cholesterol level and Our body remains healthy.
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Foods For Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is the only form of fat that is produced in our liver. For the body to do its job smoothly, cholesterol is very important. It reaches every part of the body through blood plasma.What we eat, cholesterol is formed in the body.

Foods that maintain healthy cholesterol level

  • Oats - It is considered the most nutritious snack and most people consume it.Includes fibers,proteins,carbs,sugar etc.Eating it stays in cholesterol control and is also good for the heart.
  • Garlic - It control cholesterol levels.It contains antibacterial properties which are beneficial for heart patients.
  • DryFruits - Good cholesterol increases with their intake. You can also take dry fruits as healthy snacks.
  • Pear - In pear abundant amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibers are found. It contains soluble fiber called pectin which controls the level of cholesterol.
  • Spinach - Eating spinach keeps away many types of diseases such as heart disease,cancer,osteoporosis etc.Cholesterol remains controlled by spinach consumption.You can use it in juice,salad,veg.
  • Olive oil - You can use olive oil in the food; your weight will also be controlled by its use and cholesterol will also be in control.
  • Pulses - It contains all the important properties that controls cholesterol,such as fibers,vitamins, proteins,carbas etc.
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