Oral Cancer

About oral cancer and causes

Oral cancer also known as cavity cancer or mouth cancer.When there is cancer in any part of the oral cavity of the body, it is called oral cancer. Oral cavity consists of lip, cheeks, salivary glands, soft and hard palate, uvula, gums, tonsils, tongue and inside the tongue. The reason for this cancer occurring is the random growth of cells in the areas of oral cavity. The risk of oral cancer increases with age. Many causes of oral cancer, such as tobacco ( cigarette, pan masala, gutkha) and alcohol consumption too.Oral cancer, also called squamous cell carcinoma, is divided into uncontrolled ways like surface cells.It is in the cheek, mouth palate, gums and upper part of the mouth and its symptoms usually do not get caught.It also affects the mouth, it affects the lips and tongue.This cancer is more in men than women. Because oral cancer is associated with chewing tobacco. Tobacco intake has been found as a common habit of approximately 90 percent of oral cancer patients. 

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Symptoms related to oral cancer

Cancer of the mouth begins in the form of a blister.During this,there is inflammation and pain in cheeks and gums. Difficulty opening the mouth. The neck starts to become like a lump. Every time there is sorrow. There is a problem moving the tongue.The sound is not clear Some patients' teeth suddenly become weak and start moving.Patient becomes prey in the first stage called fibrosis.This condition is pre-cancerous. Patients treatment and diagnosis are possible in this situation. The symptoms of fibrosis are that some white spots appear within the mouth or irritation of the mouth. In the early stages, it is ignored by understanding the small ulcer of the blister.

How to prevent oral cancer

If there is a blister in your mouth or if there is a wound from long time,do not ignore it, go to the doctor in time, and take treatment after doing the test. Keep your teeth, lips and tongue clean.Stop smoking,drinking or eating tobacco,It is not necessary that every person who consumes tobacco has cancer, but the percentage of eaters is very high so please take care.
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