Reduce Cortisol Level Reduce Stress

Well,cortisol is also very important hormone for our body.This hormone plays a very important role in our body,such as controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar,regulating metabolism system etc.But here are the things happening when this hormone gets more than necessary in your body,then what are the effects of it,if you have more cortisol hormone content then you will start experiencing problems like stress,fear,angjaiti,depression etc.Cortisol is a stress hormone.When it is high in the body,then we can have many problems.It also has an effect on the body's immune system.Therefore it is very important to reduce its level.
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How to balance cortisol hormone level

  • Yoga and tai chi - Yoga,Tai Chi not only keep your body healthy but also take care of mental health.They increase your healing hormone as well as help reduce cortisol levels.Many scientific researches prove this.
  • Massage - It is considered the most effective way to overcome stress and other problems. The right massage not only provides relief to your muscles, but also helps to keep the nervous system correct.
  • Do not stay alone - Spend more time with your family, friends. Doing this will make you feel better and less stress. Yoga For Stress Free Life
  • Running - Running is very beneficial for your body. It also makes your body fit and also mentally healthy. The cortisol levels are controlled by running.
  • Pilates - It is quite helpful to reduce stress and weight.
Exercising allows you to control the level of cortisol and reduce stress.When we do exercise,there is a discharge of hormone called endorphin which keeps our mood happy,hence exercising everyday to reduce stress and to control cortisol.
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