Name Of Veg Foods Contain More Protein Than Eggs

Veg foods loaded with high protein than eggs

Most of us believe that eggs are the only source from which we can take good amounts of protein,so there is no such thing,we have such options in veg foods that can meet the needs of our protein in the body.Many people do not eat eggs or they are allergic to eggs so these foods are an excellent choice for them.Let's know

Cheese (Paneer)

protein in white cheese,high protein options in veg
If you do not like to eat eggs or have any other problems then cheese are a good choice for protein.4 ounces cheese contains 14 to 16 grams of protein and very cheap.

protein in broccoli,protein diet in veg
It is a good source of protein and you will find vitamins k, c and fibers. You can also eat it by making a vegetable or boiling.

Black chana

In 1 cup of black gram you get 14 to 20 grams of protein. You give it soaked for the night and ate in the morning.

protein in beans,vegetarian diet for high protein
You can eat beans to get a good amount of protein. It is of different types, most of the beans contain good protein content.

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