Alcohol Silently Kill Your Liver

Liver problems due to excess consumption of alcohol

Drink more alcohol than the limit or everyday habit of drinking can eliminate your liver and you have no idea how serious the situation has been.Many people consume a lot of alcohol,especially those who have become daily drinker and this habit does not even have any sense of how bad and dangerous impacts on your liver and as long as you know something is too late.Our liver can only process a limited amount of alcohol but the excessive amount of alcohol has a great effect on our liver and also reduces the functioning of the liver.When anyone consume alcohol,it goes through our stomach to the intestine and gets in the blood.Now this blood passes through the liver before going into the entire body,so that our liver has to work hard.Let's know what problems you and your liver may have to face with your drinking alcohol habit:
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Alcoholic Cirrhosis - In this condition,Liver tissues begin to get damaged when cirrhosis occurs.Also the texture of the liver becomes abnormal causing the situation of portal hypertension.This problem start from fatty liver to hepatitis because of heavy drinking habit and finally to alcoholic cirrhosis.There are three stages of cirrhosis; First, unnecessary fatigue, weight loss and digestive disorders can be seen. On the other hand, there is dizziness and vomiting, lack of appetite or symptoms like fever. In the third and final stage symptoms like vomiting with bleeding,dizziness and minor injury do not stop you from bleeding.There is no effect of drugs in this stage and liver transplant is the only treatment.

Fatty Liver - Those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol or daily drinker are more likely to see this problem. Due to high intake of alcohol, swelling start in the liver and fat starts to freeze.

Alcoholic Hepatitis - High intake of alcohol leads to inflammation of the liver, which increases the risk of alcoholic hepatitis. alcoholic hepatitis can remain in the body for years and cause progressive liver damage.

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