Health Magic Of Green Grass If You Walk Barefoot On It

What happens when you walk barefoot on green grass,how it is not less than boon for your health

Walking barefooted means Earthing with the soil, grass, sand or any natural surface. It inhibits the relationship between your body and the electrons on the Earth. From our Ancestral period to scientific studies, walking barefooted has a lot of health benefits from improving your digestion to sleep cycles. Likewise, the process may increase antioxidants, reduces inflammation and improves eyesight.
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According to an article published in Journal of Environment and Public Health, electrons drawn from the Earth towards your body with barefooted heels improves health. Furthermore, chronic pain patients experience less pain with the procedure. However, regular walking, only if for 10-15 minutes can improve heart health, prevent hypertension and diabetes, improves blood circulation, immunity, removes toxins and helpful in stress and anxiety. Moreover, walking barefooted on  grass can reduce the risk of cancer. Few of the benefits of walking barefoot on grass are as  follows:

(1) Improves Eyesight

First of all, looking at the green color of the grass in the morning subdue the eyes. The electrons released from the Earth stimulate the points of your feet to help improve eyesight and your overall health. In addition, it also improves immunity.

(2) Improves blood circulation

When you walk regularly on grass barefooted, your leg muscles are activated which transport blood back to the heart. In this way, stress from your heart and body is reduced. That is the reason the doctor advises to walk on grass to the patients of heart diseases, diabetes and inflammatory diseases.

(3) Decrease anxiety

Just walk barefooted in the grass for 10 minutes and see the magic!  When you wake up early in the morning and girdled by greenery, you feel closer to the Nature. If felt deeply, you would feel yourself in the lap of Nature. The release of feel-good harmones (due to balanced electrons) reduces stress more than 50%. Moreover, it's a natural massage provided to you. It balances the temperature of the body correspondingly.

(4) Remove toxins

The electrons (e-) released from the Earth are negatively charged. It is believed that the negative ions neutralize the negative energy of your body. Also, it motivates feel-good harmones which reduces inflammation and remove toxins from your body. Furthermore, the sunlight help synthesis Vitamin D which is quite beneficial for your feet and the whole body.

(5) Better sleep

Experts believe that by walking barefooted in grass you can cure problems of sleep deprivation. However, the main cause of most of the people suffering from insomnia is stress and anxiety. Consequently, by removing toxins and stress from the body, the process helps you sleep better.

Your foot muscles are strengthened by walking barefooted. This could not only be a foot yoga but also improves spiritual Health. You feel calm, relaxed, free from stress, more energetic the full day (positive energy). hence, positive thinking and yoga posture make you compassionate, joyful, careful, feeling of oneness and explore your spiritual core. Moreover, being a yoga posture, walking barefooted on grass also help to soothes back ache.It prevents toe deformity  and relaxes to the tired feet. More seemingly, if you are suffering from flat feet, it naturally pushes the acupressure points which helps the whole body.

The process helps revive the mind of the person by increasing metabolism and boosting energy level.
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