Starting Symptoms Of Piles

What is piles? Haemorrhoids

Piles is a disease in which person suffering from high pain when poop is coming out.In this disease swelling in the nerves surrounding the rectum causes pain due to defecation.There are 2 types of Piles Internal and External.

Internal piles - Intravenous inflammation does not appear in inner piles but feels.

It is classified into 4 parts

i) First stage - In this situation, there is small swelling in the blood ducts inside the anus. There is no pain in it. Blood pressure is accompanied by stools from the patient's anal area, when more emphasis is made during excretion than for constipation or other reasons.
ii) Second stage - Swelling in this stage is slightly higher. Moles are also brought out with blood, when thrust during an excretion. When it is defecated, it moves inside itself.
iii) Third Stage - This stage is more prone to inflammation. Blood and wart comes out with stool while on the excretion. After defecation they go inside the anus when they are inside the hand.
iv) Fourth stage - Pain is very high in this.Blood come out when the bowel movements and the wart comes out but do not go inside easily even when pushing in with the hand.

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External piles - In the exterior piles this swelling looks out of the anus.External piles are usually found around the anus beneath the skin.

How do you know if you have piles?

Extreme pain in the rectum at the time of excretion and after this bleeding, itching is a symptom.This causes swelling in the anus.The main reason for this disease is irregular routine and eating.

Starting symptoms of piles

  • Feel pain during bowel movement
  • Itching in anal
  • Painful swelling near the anus area
  • Anus area become red and sore
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