4 Things To Avoid In Bronchitis

4 Things to strictly stop if you are suffering from Serious Bronchitis problem

Bronchitis is a condition in which the patient has a lot of difficulty in breathing and also a lot of weakness in the body,all time patient feel heavy pressure on the chest.If this is not treated properly with time then it can be a very serious problem.Today in this article we are going to tell about 4 such things that you do not have to do in any case if you are suffering from Serious bronchitis.
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Do not eat cold sour,spicy things - If you are suffering from bronchitis or if you have started to have this problem,then immediately stop using cold,spicy,sour things otherwise your condition will get worse, it will grow very fast and medicines will not be able to do their work properly.

Keep away from dust,pollution - Keep yourself away from dust,pollution.The condition of the patient gets worse in dust or pollution so if you go out then apply the mask.

Do not lift heavy weight and take proper rest - Do not lift heavy weight or work,relax your body.If we do more work like climbing the stairs,doing exercise then we have to breathe more and thereby increase the pressure on our bronchial tubes and they can not be comforted,which increases the duration of the disease and the body feels even more weakness.So please take proper rest for fast recovery.

Delaying treatment - Many people are habituated to be troubled but they will not meet the doctor which is very wrong.If you have had this problem long enough then meet the doctor and start treatment,the longer the delay will increase the more problems.

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