Complete Home Gym Machine

Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing,Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine MD-9010G

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Each workout machine has its personality. The machine depends on many factors ranging from pricing and quality to durability and warranty. The Marcy Smith Cage workout machine is like a Club machine, but you can also order it for your home gym or for commercial use. Though the total body training machine is for a wide variety of exercises, most commonly used to perform like a Smith machine (Squat). The Smith machine is a weight machine used for weight training. Here are some of the features of Marcy Smith Cage workout machine.

1. Linear motion bearings

A linear motion bearing machine provides free motion in one direction. Also, Mary Smith Cage has motorized linear slides moved by drive mechanisms.

2. An Olympic free-weight rack

By this property, keep your workout area safe and organized. Moreover, the versatile machine allows you to perform over 100 club-quality exercises.

3. A cable routed pulley system

We want fast cables that can be moved very quickly with existing full strings. Also, the right cable resistance machine gives a lot of flexibility to trainers.

4. Unique cable Cross and cable pulley dual system

Cable pulley and cable crossover machine allow you compound moves from multiple direction and angles. Hence, these are the most versatile features of any gym equipment.

5. Biceps preacher curl

Biceps curl machine and preacher curl help you build more mass in your biceps effectively. As a result, you can use free weights to perform various kind of exercises on a preacher curl. Also, preacher curl help to move your biceps even better than regular curls.

6. Adjustable Smith bar catches

The machine has a Smith –style press bar which offers a safe and customized experience. Above all, it provides a variety of outstanding training workouts ranging from cable crossover possibilities to a total developer. Likewise, a pull-up bar helps to build upper body mass and total leg developer that allows you to strengthen lower mass.

7. A cable routed pectoral fly station

The pectoral fly features allow you o adjust pivoting arms according to your arm length. Also, you can increase the workload by using the add-on weight features.

8. Total body workout

The machine is fitted out with the dual function for performing upper-body and lower body exercises. Also, the lateral bar helps to develop chest and shoulder strength. Most noteworthy, the equipment possesses a leg station that helps to add some muscle to your lower body.

9. Safe to use design frame

This home gym machine is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame. Also, the machine is finished with a durable powder coating to resist damage from dust, water, and injury. The off- the floor base frame design keep you safe during exercises and provide increased stability.

10. Lifetime warranty

Marcy Smith Cage workout machine is long lasting and provides you lifetime warranty to use with included safety stoppers.


The perfect home gym machine possesses dual features to press arms. In this way, you can perform a wide variety of arm and chest exercises with the adaptable Smith Cage workout machine.

So, keep yourself fit and gain a healthy weight by developing biceps, triceps, pectoralis and other muscle groups.

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