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Coronavirus Is Causing A Lot Of Damage To Patients Brains

Coronavirus Infection is also harming the patients' brain, know how?

A research has revealed that apart from our lungs,corona infection has also affected various parts of the body.They also include brain.In fact, 15 percent of the patients admitted to the hospital due to corona infection have also suffered from mental problems.Such patients had to face problems like confusion,sudden mood changes.
covid19 harm mind,Coronavirus Is Causing A Lot Of Damage To Patients Brains

What does research say?

In fact, scientists at Georgia State University, Atlanta analyzed CT scans of Corona patients at Brescia Hospital, Italy. In which he found that in some patients the gray matter part of the brain has reduced.Most of the patients who needed oxygen therapy during the infection had gray matter reduced. According to the report of Medical News Today,120 people were involved in this research. Of these,58 had corona infection and 62 had few more diseases.After the patients were discharged from the hospital the scientists measured the gray matter with the help of the modified Rankin scale with the help of CT scan of their brain.

What is Gray Matter

Our brain is mainly divided into four parts. In which the front part is called Frontal Lobe, the back part is Perietal Lobe, the ear part is Temporal Lobe and the back part of the ear is called Occipital Lobe. Corona patients who lacked oxygen showed a decrease in gray matter in the frontal lobe portion. At the same time, those who got fever saw a decrease in gray matter in their temporal lobe.
is corona harm mind
Gray matter is an important part of the central nervous system of our brain and is responsible for muscle control, feeling like seeing, hearing, memory, our emotions, speaking, decision making ability and action like self control.

Patients are facing these problems

Patients are suffering from Mood Swing due to a decrease in the gray matter of the frontal lobe of the brain due to corona infection. Meaning the mood of such patients is changing rapidly.Scientists also say that neurological troubles have increased in patients after corona infection. Also due to the action for which the gray matter is responsible,problems related to it can also be faced.However, researchers also believe that this study has been done on a very small scale and a large number of corona patients need to be studied to confirm this.Also it has to be seen whether due to increased weight or any other disease, these changes are not seen in the brain. But many experts have admitted that people have complained of mental trouble after the corona infection.

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