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How to clean unwanted hair on face safely ?

Unwanted hair has spoiled the look?So know from the expert the safe way to remove them.

Unwanted hair growing on your face can weaken your confidence. But don't worry, because there are ways to remove them.

One common difference between men and women is facial hair. And this is due to the male hormone ie testosterone. Although we all have fine hair like fibers on our skin. But due to hormonal imbalance, sometimes women's face also starts showing hair like men. It is natural for anyone to be upset by this. But don't worry, because we have an expert talking about safe ways to remove these unwanted hairs. But before that let's know everything about unwanted hair.

What is unwanted hair?

Hair helps us to look better but unwanted hair does just the opposite.Experts explains that unwanted hair grows on our chin, different parts of the face and rest of the body.It is mainly of two types.The first is the hard black coarse hairs or terminal hairs that usually grow on the chin and the rest of the body.Other fine, soft hair or wellness hair that usually grows on the cheekbones.

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Terminal hairs

Due to this many times we feel uncomfortable about our look.Once removed from the skin, these hairs grow faster than wellness hair. Therefore, different types of techniques are used to remove them. The technique used also takes care of the long-term removal of the hair follicle.Therefore efforts are made to uproot these hairs from the root. So that the follicles that provide nourishment to the hair can be eliminated.

Wellness hair or fine soft hair

Once this hair is removed, it does not grow again rapidly. Therefore, treatment is given from above using easy methods to remove it.

What are the methods by which unwanted facial hair can be removed?

Hair Removal Laser - These days laser light is also used for hair removal.In this, the help of a dermatologist is taken and after doing it once or twice, better results start showing. In this also the hair follicle is eliminated. After this the hair is not visible on the skin for a long time.

Epilator - Epilator is a small electronic device, which can be easily carried in its packet, bag. The places where the terminal hairs grow on the hands, feet, on their upper surface, straighten and twist them at an angle of 90 degrees. By doing this, the hair there gets easily crumpled. In this way that surface becomes hair free for 2 to 4 weeks.

Dermaplaning - You can also get dermaplaning done with the help of a dermatologist to get better results from the trimmer.In this, with the help of scalpel, the work is done to remove the fine soft hair present on the skin from the surface.Along with this,work is also done to bring back the deteriorating skin tone by removing the dead cells of the skin. Dermatologists work in dermaplaning to remove fine soft hair as well as dead pigmented cells from the skin. By doing this,the complexion of our skin gets brightened and it starts looking soft.

Trimmers - It is an instrument, which is like a pen or toothbrush in shape.We can easily carry this trimmer by keeping it in our purse, bag and others.You can remove your fine-soft hairs from the skin by using this instrument anytime throughout the day.Although we all know that these hairs take a long time to grow back as compared to terminal hairs.

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